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Q: Wholesale availability

A: Yes. Please be an actual Brick & Mortar shop and we would love to start building a relationship with you! Please send us a convo.


Q: Party favors

A: Yes. Please send us a convo for more details.


Q: How do you make your shampoo and body soap bars lather?

A: Our soap and shampoo bars are made using cold process soap making method. This is a true soap/shampoo and not a synet (aka synthetic surfactant). During cold processing, hair & skin loving oils and butters are mixed with sodium hydroxide. This mixture then turns into soap and no sodium hydroxide is left in the final bar. This final product will form a lather.


Q: How do you make true soap?

A: All true soaps are made using lye. A few generations ago, our great-great-grandmother made their own lye, called potash, using wood ashes and water. They combined this highly caustic substances with fat rendered from butchered animals and boiled the mixture over an outdoor fire for many hours until soft soap was formed. While this resulted in a truly natural soap, it was also difficult to control the quality of the final product. Nowadays, we have manufactures substitutes to replace that wood-ash solution, sodium hydroxide, also called caustic soda or lye. With these standardized ingredients, the guesswork has been removed to produce gentle and balanced soap. Once oils and lye are mixed, it turns into soap and no lye left in the final bar.


Q: Do you offer Coconut-Free products?

A: Yes, we do! Due to popular demand, we do make a few coconut-free products for our lovely customers. However, not all of our products are coconut-free. We make sure to mention under product description if it is coconut-free. Another way is to check ingredient list under product description as well. When in doubt, please convo us and we are happy to help!


Q: Are your products palm-free?

A: Yes! No palm of any kind!